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February 09, 2009
Big Butts ! Little Legs !

Do These Pants Make My Ass Look Big? by MikeJonesPhoto

I get so many comments about the fear of strength training a women's lower body .

 "Greg if I do a squat I will have a big Butt ! "

I am here to tell you this is non sense. 

Strength training is a crucial part in getting any lower body part in shape. Ladies your bodies are not built the way a mans body is, just wont happen. Your not going to wake up with this giant  "ASS "one day  that will force you  into a size 14 for eternity.

Just remember getting your butt in shape requires a blend of cardio, diet ,and strength. The ratio of each depends on the body you start with and the body you want .

Cardio strips the body and strength shapes the body. Now your diet supports , fuels, and repairs the  body which ever direction you go in. I get paid the big bucks by creating a program of exercise and diet that maximizes one's choice in the body or butt , they desire.

A thin flat butt with no shape is not very desirable . A toned sexy butt with shape is what most clients want of course,  this is not rocket science but it wont happen with out strength training.

Just dial your self into these ratios and commit. Even go a step further and keep a journal of these ratios and it is easy to see when the ratios get out of sync. Usually with the diet first and exercise second.

Another key point is to remember strength comes in many forms , Yoga, Pilates, and cross training. These are all strength in their own form and its up to you to find the form that serves you best. This comes from again commitment. Go explore, go to a Friend's yoga class, share a training session, try a group exercise class. Just go into it with open energy and a great spirit , don't judge enjoy.

Guys .

I get so many comments about neglect of the  lower body .

" I just don't have the time or desire to train legs ".

I will be brief on this subject . Guy's just shut up and go train your legs , I don't want to hear it .

If it's so tuff , then make it your first workout of the week . Make Monday's , "leg day",  but get it done.

Nothing releases growth hormone better than legs . You want to burn fat , train legs . You want a ripped stomach , train legs .

Legs is the ultimate tie into any form of physical fitness we do . From pro sports, to weekend warriors , to simply staying fit . Leg training is everything . Please trust me on this and devote equal time to your lower body what ever the program may be, it's that important.

Keep your questions comming , I will get to them .

All the best in health !

posted by Gregory Joujon-Roche
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Gregory Joujon-Roche helps celebrities get into the best shape of their lives.

Now he brings that knowledge to you.

Available at and Barnes and Noble.

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