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June 06, 2007

Beer_bellyA lot of people who think they have beer bellies actually have yeast bellies. 
Their bellies – swollen and distended – look as if they are surrounded by fat. 
In reality, they are bloated from excessive presence of yeast
One source of this yeast may indeed be from beer - which leads many people to think that they have beer bellies - but even people who never touch beer can develop yeast bellies. 
This is, in fact, an extremely common occurrence.
Yeast is a natural nutritional fungus that is always present in the intestines, and also in other mucosal tissues, including those of the sinuses and throat.  Yeast is kept at healthy levels by the body’s friendly, probiotic bacteria, which are particularly abundant in the gut.  Unfortunately, though, yeast can proliferate, and kill the friendly bacteria around it.
Factors that cause this include:

  • Eating too much yeast, in substances such as bread or beer.
  • Taking antibiotics, which kill the friendly bacteria that control yeast.
  • Consuming foods that support yeast growth, such as sugar and vinegar.
  • Inhaling other fungi, such as mildew, or mold.

When yeast becomes too abundant, it is identified by the body as a foreign invader, which triggers the immune response.  The immune response causes feelings of fatigue, malaise, weakness, and flu-like symptoms.
These symptoms of excessive yeast production strike millions of people every day, and many of these people misinterpret the symptoms as those of a minor illness.  Some people even take antibiotics for the problem, which kills even more friendly bacteria, and makes things worse.
When yeast growth becomes excessive, it ferments foods in the intestines, and causes indigestion and swelling.  It especially ferments sweets, as well as foods that are hard to digest, such as dairy products.  This is the main reason yeast overgrowth causes the gut to swell, creating a classic “yeast belly.”  In the sinuses and nasal cavities, yeast can also cause swelling, in addition to other allergy-like symptoms.
These symptoms are similar to those caused by food reactions, and they can exacerbate the symptoms of food reactions (especially those caused by yeasty foods, such as bread).
If you seem to become bloated when you drink beer, eat baked goods, or take antibiotics, you may have excessive yeast, and you should try to kill it.
Your To Do List:

  • Stop eating the foods that create it and aggravate it, including baked goods, beer, sugar, vinegar, and pickled foods.
  • Take probiotics, such as acidophilus or our protein complete. They will boost your healthy bacteria. Another great product is Trinity > found in most health food stores but pretty pricy .
  • Take natural fungus-killers, such as garlic, caprylic acid, echinacea, or goldenseal – either separately, or in an anti-yeast supplement, available in health food

Give these suggestions a try and tell me if you see improvements in your appearance and feel lighter, healthier and stronger.


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Billy Ream

I appreciate your article on "yeast belly." That is precisely what I have. Some have thought it is Candida. I do not know. I also have advanced fungal development under my toe nails...which, even with daily cleaning, occasional clearing and treatment with fungicides and/or tea tree oil...never goes away. Even my nails on my hands have ridges (parallel to the direction of the bones in my fingers). God bless you if you can tell me how to purge all of this!!! Peace, Billy

Rachael S.

Thank you for the helpful information. I bookmarked your site, and I hope you keep up the good work on making your blog a success!

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More & more people know that blog are good for every one where we get lots of information any topics !!!


You give good information for yeast belly. It is essential to minimize eating foods that are high in sugar to prevent the growth of yeast or candida infection in the body.

raw food diet

This is very vital article for all those users who are concerned about their health. Thanks for sharing this article.


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Mynet Sohbet

thanks admin.

Coach Outlet

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David Southey

very nice post,,this is true to all persons,,not just bloggers..but this is definitely effective to reduce percenteage of getting diseases. yeast infection remedies

Saroj Dhongadi

I like this comment. Pl. update me on such comments.

Saroj Dhongadi

Rick Sheafferd

Bread is full of yeast, growing bloating yeast. I quit a month ago and have lost 2 inches of belly. How about that!
Coffee with no sugar... now tastes ok too

Beer drinker

This article is full of bull! Most beers are now pasturized therefore have no living yeast cells to swell the belly. A beer belly is simply intaking too many carbs.

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