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July 25, 2011

387981460_1f000a0db4_mHere is the third exercise in Butt Blaster Series: V-lift.
It is both a stretch and a strength exercise.  Here is how you do it: Stand in a V stance (a V stance: this means stand tall, abs engaged, feet pointed outward, and legs slightly wider then your shoulders so you’re making a giant V) while holding medium resistance dumbbells - try 10 lbs to start.  The dumbbells should be held with your palms facing in, the weights touching the front of your thighs.
Slightly bend your knees, but keep your back straight and shoulders back.  Now, you want to bend over, but bend from the hip keeping your back completely straight.  The dumbbells that are touching your front thighs almost scrape your body, and follow exactly your toe line all the way down to the floor or as far as your able.
Keeping your stomach engaged and your butt lifted, feel your hamstrings stretch all the way out and open up as you stretch towards the floor.  Once you have reached the bottom of the rep pause for a beat, for 5 to 10 seconds, and breathe - but stay tight!
Now, leading with the top of your head; squeeze your butt, squeeze your stomach, and lift the dumbbells back up close to your body.  Remember, back straight, and slowly straighten up to your starting position.  At the top of the rep, softly push the dumbbells into your thigh while lifting your butt, not your heels, and squeeze for 5 seconds.  Repeat the sequence slowly for 15 reps.

Quick recap of key points:

  • Use your butt, not your back.
  • Go slow and squeeze, never bounce.
  • Relax your neck and engage your abs.
  • Pace is key!  Minimum 5 seconds down, hold for 5 seconds, 5 seconds up, and finally squeeze for 5 seconds @ the top of the rep.

Interval cardio on these sets, as well, for two minutes; let's go - chop, chop!

So there is the series: after you have done all three of these exercises you should be spent! 
These three exercises and the interval cardio should take at least 45 minutes to complete. If you have any energy left and you really want to challenge yourself do 30 minutes more of medium paced post cardio.  Remember, it's all about the details, your focus, and executing the extras that will separate a good butt from the butt of your dreams.

All the best in health!

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July 18, 2011

264810462_e9686cbd7e_mOn to the second exercise of the " Butt Blasting Series ": Dumbbell Step Ups
This exercise is a bit more anaerobic in nature and requires major focus.
With a medium weight dumbbell in each hand, say 10 lbs, put your right foot flat up on a bench or box.  Roll your shoulders back and engage your upper back, not neck, to hold the dumbbells.
Now, with stomach tight, slowly stand up engaging the right butt and entire right foot.  Don't push up from your toes or knees. Stand all the way and squeeze your butt @ the top of the rep by pointing your opposite toe - but don't lock out your right knee.
Now, slowly come down, counting 5 seconds or even 10 seconds, back to your starting position and repeat the same sequence with the same leg for 15 reps.
This should burn like crazy!
If it doesn't, you’re not going slowly enough; you’re bouncing.  So, maybe lower the weight of the dumbbells or lower the height of the bench or box with a step.  If it truly gets too tough, you can spot yourself by bouncing just a little bit off the bottom, but never forget to squeeze @ the top of the rep and keep that foot flat the whole time.
Do 15 reps each leg but don't interchange your leg. You should do 15 reps on one leg and then 15 reps on the other.
You want to feel this right in the dimple of your butt cheek.  You should be able to take a magic marker and draw a target on your dimple and that is how specific you should feel this, and it's all possible by going slow.

Key points again:

  • Roll your shoulders back and engage your upper back, not your neck, to hold the dumbbells.
  • Pace is key!
  • Use your butt, not your knees.
  • Never have your knee extend past your front toes.
  • When you get good at this add weight and add height!

Note:  You should do cardio intervals with this exercise as well.
3 to 5 sets of 15 on each leg and stay tuned for the third and final exercise in the series!

All the best in Health

Full entry | posted by Gregory Joujon-Roche in Exercise
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July 11, 2011

2164730970_6f9b05938dHi everyone!  I always get questions on how to slim and trim the butt.  I also get questions on how to shape the butt - give it a lift.  So I am going to address all these questions in a series I created for you called "The Ultimate Butt Blaster Series".  These three exercises will shrink, tone, and shape your butt like never before!  I will create a separate post for each exercise in the series and will post them one at a time for you - 

Note: This is not an easy routine.  These are advanced exercises that require coordination and a pretty good starting level of fitness.

Exercise #1: Rocket Jump Squat
Loosely straddle three stacked steps, a box, or low bench with your feet flat on the floor, but toes slightly pointed out so that your inner thigh is engaged.  Slowly lower into a squat position leading with your butt, keeping your chin straight, and toes behind your knees until you almost touch the step, box, or bench with your butt.
Next, make sure your abs are engaged and leap into the air, landing on top of the step, box, or bench with your feet together.  Try to land gracefully, softly, and quietly like a cat.  This will instantly incorporate and recruit all the right muscles.
Now, slowly lower down into a squat position and then slowly come up, but in the last 10% of your up motion, jump off the step and jump down, making sure to control your landing and catch your fall like a cat - again, landing with your butt and not your knees.  You should be in the same stance as your starting position.

Repeat this 15 times and do between 3 and five sets.

Interval Training
In between each set, jump on a piece of cardio equipment, like a treadmill, and run for two minutes. Run hard - almost a sprint. Or, walk on the highest incline possible and really open up your stride as much as possible. 
You should switch between the two cardio exercises with each interval.

This is not easy; take your time and think like an athlete.  Stay focused and in your body.
OK, on to the next exercise!  More to come!

Full entry | posted by Gregory Joujon-Roche in Exercise
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July 04, 2011

FireworksHappy Fourth of July everybody!

As you know The Fourth of July is the holiday that really kicks off summer and is always surrounded by family, friends and "food"! 

The ritual of a family get together and food goes back even before 1776.  This ritual was established because back in the day families worked for food and basic survival. So coming together and sharing a meal was the ultimate communion.

Well today most of us are blessed to have our basics covered.  So I throw out to you a different form of family get together.

Create a ritual of activity with your family. Create an annual bike ride. Create a Fourth of July hike or a softball game.  Something even extreme as a family river trip, a  rock climbing adventure or my favorite, a family surf trip or annual ocean paddle.

I have these huge soft top long boards that are 12 feet long!  Every year I try to get as many family and friends to do a paddle to the pier and back where I live.  It's a long paddle and takes a couple hours. Some paddle ocean kayaks and load them up with family.

The comradery that comes from this is incredible.  The bonding of a family "work out" goes far beyond breaking bread.  I have had families from different areas bike from where they lived to a neutral camping spot. Some families rode seven days.  Once there, the shared experiences and stories of everyone's journeys are moments that last a life time and exceed far beyond a nice meal shared together.

Anyway, just food for thought. 
Gosh, where did that expression come from?  Maybe we should say, just fun for thought?

Anyway, enjoy your fourth and enjoy your time with family and friends.  If you have some cool family adventures of your own share them with us.

All the best in health.

June 22, 2011

Here is my secret to getting that lean body for the summer - a great
product (if I say so myself) to use when making Master Cleanser. 
It is my Fat Burning Lemonade.
I discuss the product and show how to make Master Cleanser using it.
This video was filmed at Real Raw Live.

June 15, 2011

Stadiumsteps_2Remember when training your lower body that it is critically important to incorporate and focus on three things:

Cardio, Pace, and Resistance.
Focus on them and you are sure to see results.

Exercise: THE STAIRS: The really is the ultimate butt blaster.

  • Cardio: Pick a place where there are a lot of stairs like bleachers at a local high Scholl or college. You want to walk for a minimum of 30 minutes but no more than an hour.
  • Pace: Establish a nice easy groove.  Let the intensity naturally increase and it will trust me.
  • Resistance: The incline and over all bio mechanics of the body as it relates to stairs creates the resistance.

But you need to be specifically aware of where your power comes from. You need to say to your self  and repeat “ my stair workout mantra “, Which is = “ heal and butt, heal and butt, heal and butt
Ingrain this in your mind and feel it in your body .You need to come from your butt not your knees.

Also, again this is why pace is key. Go slow and walk almost flat footed like your in mud. Feel the stairs in your butt not your quads. If you do feel it in your quads slow down or even take a break. This is not a rocky workout it’s about slow methodical focused intensity.

This one workout will do it all .You should try to do a stair work out at least three times a week and be sure to stretch after. You should also include my special “figure 8 stretch” into your routine.

Stand feet together then slight bend over so you can grab the out side of each knee with your hands. Now carefully start to do a figure eight motion. Count up to fifty and open up making bigger figure eights as you go. You can also sit down into the exercise as well, just feel it out. The purpose of this is to circulate blood and allow for lateral support to the knees. I actually wear neoprene supports with an open patella to really keep my knees supported and warm.

For diet you should have a scoop of Fat Burning Lemonade  before you train and a scoop of Nutrition Complete Protein Powder within an hour after you train. Also be sure to hydrate and incorporate more Omega Three into your diet. Remember your body needs the Fat Burning Lemonade for fat utilization, the Nutrional Complete (Protein) Powder for recovery, and the Omega Three for fuel. All these together create a fat burning inferno and will give you the tightest, sexiest, yet most natural booty on the block.

Good luck tell me how it goes, the feedback is awesome!

Full entry | posted by Gregory Joujon-Roche in Exercise
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June 08, 2011

Gjr_abs_2_2 Yes, this is my belly.  And no, I did not get it by doing 8 minutes abs! I keep getting these e-mails about seeing in the media how the perfect body requires little effort and no time.  With my schedule, I still find 30 minutes, four days a week dedicated just specifically to stomach work.  And that's just the abs!  Finding time for the rest of the body and cardio is a schedule battle everyday for me.

Like yesterday.  I just could not train the entire day, from start to finish.  So I am lying in bed still thinking about not finding that time.  I let it go and fall asleep.  But even though I did not train I was still thinking about it; I was still connected to my body.

Hey, life happens, I get it - but stay connected on any level possible.  You'll find when you're not connected and you miss one workout, one turns into two, then three, and you just start slipping.  I know I preach this a lot but I do because it is important.  If you want a good body, then fitness has to be a lifestyle; something that is a part of you day-in and day-out.  You'll find when we get older this connection is vital!  As we know, gravity kicks in after 35 and snapping back in shape gets harder and harder.  But on the opposite side, we are also wiser and know our bodies and how we can be more efficient with our training and nutrition.

Point is, we need to keep it real.  When we have a certain expectation of ourselves of how we should look and feel, then we need put in the time and be real with what's required to meet those expectations.  Basically, my job is to help facilitate that.  I do my best to provide insight, tips, programs, compassion, education, and motivation.  It's a lot of work but it helps keep me connected and motivated.

You all are the biggest workout partner I could ask for.  Yes, I train for myself but I also train because I represent what I do for a living.  I actually feel a responsibility to stay in shape, so thank you! There are so many trainers out there that study the books, get certified, become personal trainers, and don't have a clue of what they are doing.  Then they come to me; out of shape, no perspective, and want a job because I train movie stars.  They just don't get it!  The reason why I do train movie stars is because it's more creative to get someone in specific character shape than to just to get in shape.  It gives me fulfillment. But the star thing never got to me.  I tell you this; a celebrity can feel it in a second if you have any agenda or as I like to call it "star stalker potential".

Anyway, I am getting off point.  Sorry!  You get out what you put in, bottom line.  Training hard will benefit you in ways beyond a good body.  I promise to keep giving tips, insights, and make your health experience as result efficient as possible.  But help me too; keep it real with the understanding that after all the bells and whistles it's still about working out and breaking a sweat.  I won't be writing a book on "5 minutes to a great body".  Nice title, though.  Trust me, it feels so good to be strong, healthy, and connected to your body.  But it's a process that takes commitment and effort for life; not 5 minutes.

All the Best in Health!

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June 01, 2011





The Cleanse is on!


The All Organic 3 Day Juice Cleanse : Intro Special only $199 with Nation wide delivery and free cooler bag !




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May 25, 2011

Img_4638_3Hi, here is a great  exercise for everyone.  It's from the yoga world and one of my all time favorites, the Side Bridge.  I love it because it works so quickly and effectively on all the parts of our abdominal area we so desperately try to maintain.  The abdominal area being our lower back, sides, obliques, and stomach.   This literally hits them all in one exercise!

Some times if I had a crazy day and no time to do anything with my body I will do side bridges before I go to bed.  I actually feel like I didn’t lose the entire day and still got a little something in.  It's all the little “somethings” that add up and keeps our bodies and minds in shape.  Of course, if you can get a full dose of exercise, fantastic! 

OK, here is how to do a Side Bridge:

1.  Lie on one side, with legs straight and ankles on top of each other like the picture of yours truly. 
2.  Support the upper body by keeping the elbow directly beneath the shoulder.
3.  Being careful not to let the top hip rotate forward, engage the abdominals and use the torso to lift the hips up, parallel to the floor.
4.  Hold this position for as long as you can, maintaining a neutral neck and spine position.

When your feel like you can't hold it anymore, well this is when I say "Tighten your skirt up Mary, suck it up and count to ten!"  Seriously though, really hold it for an additional ten seconds to really get that peak contraction.  This is when your body benefits most, so the last ten seconds really count!

OK.  Drop down, roll over, and do the other side.  No rest, right to it, and hold this as long as you can with a ten second hold @ the end.

Now rest.  See how you feel.  Where did you hold that exercise?  From the right spots?  Or your neck?  Did you breathe or hold your breath the entire time?  Try to feel and make notes to yourself and get ready for set number two.

This time, start on the same side you just finished with.  You do this rotation for four sets.  On the last set, make that final ten count as long as possible without sacrificing form and it will feel great!!!!!

When it gets tough, remember some more key tips.  Wiggle your fingers, relax, think grace, and don't let your shoulders or neck kick in and take over the exercise.  Also, squeeze your butt.  Lift it up from the inside.  This will protect your back and keep you stable, not to mention work that butt a bit as well!

Common Errors:

Error:  Dropping the hips
Correction:  Slightly contract the gluteals and the abdominals to keep the body in good alignment.  Squeeze your butt and keep your body in line by flexion.  A strong, tight, stomach is the name of the game.

Error:  Twisting or tilting the head
Correction:  Keep the head and neck aligned with the spine.  Don't get lazy!  Be aware of your body and your breath the whole time.  Don't check out, check in!

So the next time your  lying around on the couch watching TV, knock out some side bridges (click to see a video of the exercise)!


All the Best in Health!



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May 18, 2011

This is such a great exercise for both women and men.  Women love
it because it hits the long head of the tricep and the rear delt, not to
mention the stomach, as well.
Just add a little weight and it's an incredible exercise for men, as well.

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May 11, 2011

Outside_gym_imgThe Secret Exercise To Change Your Body Forever.

I have been teaching this secret to all my clients for over 15 years, now it’s your turn. The secret is the synergy of change you create when you connect all the elements of fitness together. These elements are the body , mind, spirit  “ Energy “ , and Nutrition.

Here is an incredible exercise that will open up a new perspective and energy for your training. With a new perspective come new results and this will act as the catalyst for success.

Here is what I want you to do right here right now. First of all begin to clear your mind. Put your cell phone on silent, turn the music or TV off, and be in a place where you can concentrate with no interruptions. Ok now remember no judgments here. Simply play along and commit to playing. Here we go. Now I want you to close your eyes and take five deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth. Each breath deeper than the first. Take your time with this and please commit to this , it’s important and the reason why you will succeed this time. By the fifth breath you should be settling down. Feeling more centered and calm .

Now in this state ,keeping your eyes closed and breathing deep, I want you to visualize where you want to be with your body. Really fantasize and see your self in your new shape. Ladies, maybe in a bikini or guys, jeans and a tight tee shirt. Whatever it may be ,this your chance so go for it and have fun with it !

Take you time to drench yourself in that feeling that comes from looking good and feeling good. That feeling of joy and self-empowerment.

It’s a feeling you can tap into at any given time under any circumstance if you commit to it.

Now it’s important not to get caught up on the picture but more important the feeling of joy and self-empowerment. This is the feeling, the energy; I want you to bring in to each workout. Your positive energy will be literally phisicalized on a cellular level every time you workout.

This new found energy will not only transform your body but is life changing.

All the best in health !

May 04, 2011
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April 27, 2011

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April 22, 2011
More video!!! This one shows how we make one of the specialties of the house at Real Raw Live - the "Kiefer Madness" Shake . Not only does it taste great, but it's Great For You!
It contains coconut kiefer - which is a great pro-biotic - (and note my skill at adding exactly 4 ounces), raspberries, ginger, mango and ice.  This version of the drink really features the raspberries - I've talked about another version featuring lemon in an earlier post, but I like this version even better.
It even helps with hang-overs...
April 19, 2011

Girl_on_scale Q:  What is the difference between body mass index (BMI) and body fat percent?
I am approximately 20% BMI, at 5'1" and 110 lbs.  But, according to a scale that measures body fat percent, I am 26% which sounds terrible to me but probably because I'm thinking in terms of BMI.

A:  Hi Linda,
Great question and thank you for taking the time to write!  Your exact BMI for your height and weight is 20.8. The healthy BMI range for you is 18.5 to 24.9 so you are right in there and very healthy according to a BMI measurement.
What Is Adult BMI?
Body Mass Index, or BMI, is based on your height and weight.
  Doctors often use BMI to determine if a person is underweight, at a healthy weight, or is overweight.

While BMI is accurate for most people, it doesn’t work for everyone.  That's why other tests should be taken as well and your body composition/fat test is a smart second test, Linda.

Body composition is simply the ratio of lean body mass to fat body mass.  Too much fat can lead to health problems like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and other serious conditions.  If you keep your body fat within a reasonable level, you'll be healthier and, of course, slimmer.
For women, a body fat of 10-12% is essential, 14-20% is considered a healthy range for athletes, 21-24% is healthy for fitness, 25-31% is considered an “acceptable” range and anything above 32% is considered obese. 

So Linda, if your scale measures 26% that is a bit high.
I am curious, what scale do you have?  Many scales out there are bio-impedance scales; they tend to be very inaccurate and have an error ration of -5 to 8%.  The best way to test your body fat is the Hydrostatic Method. But this is @ a lab weighing you under water, so it’s not the easiest way, but definitely the gold standard with an error ratio of only 1.5 %.  This could be fun to do one day if you really want to know exactly where you stand.

I think it's best to take your body fat again and make sure it's first thing in the morning and don't drink anything before, OK?  Also, write down what you ate the night before.  Now, take this measurement as a call to action to workout and eat better, but not a label of "Oh my gosh, I am fat!".  Don't focus on the number!

Try to work out and eat healthy and don't get on that scale again for two weeks, OK?  Just put it away.  After two weeks, measure again and repeat the exact circumstances before your first test.  Same time in the morning and same liquids. Also, remember the meal the night before, and unless it was really unhealthy have the same type of foods.

Note:  Salt can also throw the numbers off as well.  Even your body temperature can, so really try create the same conditions before each test.

Now this measurement should be true value! 
You need to focus on the movement of body fat, plus or minus, not the number.  If your dropped 2% that would be great.  Remember, you lost two % not the actual overall number because it's probably not accurate.

Repeat this cycle until you feel good with where you’re at and how feel.  Then decide to maybe get a proper test or not.

Remember it's simply a measurement and motivator.

All the best to you Linda!

All the best in Health everyone !


April 16, 2011
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April 13, 2011

Here is a great combination exercise that works both the lower and
upper body. It's a great warm up tool as well as an interval exercise.

Full entry | posted by Gregory Joujon-Roche in Exercise , Video
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January 22, 2011

Reading thiImg_1965s post you probably think I am going to about the effects of water on the body .

I actually want to quickly talk about water weight on the planet and how we can do three simple things to save literally tens of thousands of gallons of water each year as well as several hundred dollars of hard earned cash as well .

1. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth . This simple exercise based on brushing your teeth for two minutes can save eight gallons of water every time you brush .

That is literally almost 25,000 gallons a year and savings of almost $300 bucks .

2. Use a water filter instead of water bottles. Americans drink 56 billion , that's right Billion , 16 ounce bottles a year yet fewer than 15% gets recycled, just crazy .

Not to mention you can save over
$ 600 bucks a year by making this simple switch to a filter.

A great filter that I use is Ever Pure. Lasts for ever and feels good to fill a glass of water actually in a glass  and keep as much plastic out of the house as possible .

3. Shower time . No you don't have to have a two minute shower like Jennifer Aniston , but good for her sincerely .
But here is some  simple figures and the rest is up to you . Just one minute in the shower uses over 7 gallons of water , and that's a conservative estimate. Just cutting down your shower time by one minute equals over 10,000 gallons a year and over a $ 100 bucks in your pocket .

I try to just be aware of my shower time . My son loves to hang out in the shower and being five  does not understand why he can't stay in forever ? Now we make a game of awareness out of it and saving water big time .

Just think of all this as gathering up major Karma points in life .

Simple solutions for a great effect !

It's the only way to go .

I want to thank " The down to earth guide to global warming " for the these figures .

Again One Body One Life , One Planet!

All the best in health.

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January 15, 2011

Here is a wonderful recipe for your very own wellness shot. This will help
get you
through the cold season by strengthening your immunity naturally.
You can bring this recipe to your local juice bar or use your own juicer @
home. If you don't have a juicer this may be a great holiday
gift to yourself.

A real good juicer is the Sampson juicer. This particular juicer chews the
produce instead of spinning it like so many juicers today. This allows the
heat to stay low so more of the juice enzymes and vitamins are maintained.
You can also do wheat grass, ginger shots, and even make bread with this
thing - pretty cool.

OK, so however you do it, the ingredients for my super wellness shot are:

  • 2 ounces juiced of fresh ginger
  • 1/2 ounce juiced of fresh garlic
  • 1/2 ounce squeezed of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 pinch of cayenne pepper

Just stir these up then knock it back. It's that easy and it will change your
state immediately. It's a powerful shot so be prepared. You may want to
dilute it the first time with water or have a water chaser standing by. Now

if you are looking for even more added immunity go buy some oregano oil
and some colloidal silver. They are are not cheap, but they will last you
forever. Just add 5 drops of the oregano oil and a dropper full of the
collidial silver and you are happening!
These are big time immune builders and, together, make this a super
wellness formula - not just for the winter, but for a lifetime.

If you're interested in buying the products mentioned above, click here:

All the Best in Health!

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January 01, 2011

Latest fit shot

Happy New Year !

To my One Body One Life Family .

Here is my gift to you .


You can now purchase ALL Holistify Your Life supplements @ 20% off including our famous Fat Burning Lemonade.  We are also offering All Holistify CLEANSE products from us at $50.00 OFF.

All you¹ll need is this simple coupon code: Go to Use the code SUPL-10 for 10% off our supplements, and use the code CLNS50 for your $50 discount on all our cleanses.

How do you redeem your coupon? After you select your items, just type either coupon code ­ SUPL-10 or CLNS50 ­ into "redeem coupon" box which is on the checkout/payment page. You will immediately receive the discount. This will be true on EVERY Holistify Your Life order you make with us for the month of January 2011.

For an extra deal, when you buy two of the same item in our online store, we will throw in a third for free.  Buy 2, get 1 free for a limited time only!  Just add two of the same item to your shopping cart and we will take care of the rest.

You can review our various cleanse programs at our online store at

Please contact us at if you have questions about our website and how to place your order.

Thank you again!

All the best in Health,

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MY BOOKOne Body One Life
Gregory Joujon-Roche helps celebrities get into the best shape of their lives.

Now he brings that knowledge to you.

Available at and Barnes and Noble.

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